Fan vs. Viz - Which Translation is "Better"?

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For English-speaking fans of the Four Swords manga, there are two major options to choose from when it comes to translations: the fan translation from Zelda Legends and the official translation from Viz Media. It is unclear, at least to me, which translation is more popular.
Regardless of which translation is more popular, I have noticed that fans of the fan translation tend to dislike the Viz translation.
I am guilty of this in some ways. I am not a fan of the jokes added into the script where there was originally serious or important dialogue, and it is embarrassing that the mismatched dialogue has not been fixed even in the Legendary Edition.

The Viz translation does, however, come with one perk: it changes some dialogue in key moments which changes the characterization of the Links - sometimes, in my opinion, in genuinely good and interesting ways.
I think of Shadow's dialogue specifically when he talks snarkily to Vaati before pushing over the Dark Mirror, or when Blue explains why he'll be the one to use Force on the Links' (possessed) father instead of Green.
There are many other examples - and I want to document them all. That's why this page exists!

You can jump to each example using the links below.

Example 1: WIP