Four Swords Manga Songs (According to Me)

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Everyone has character playlists, usually hosted on Spotify. I hate Spotify with a burning passion, so I decided to make this page to share my "playlists" instead.
Some of these songs relate to the characters or story (at least in my opinion), or they simply have a feeling to them that reminds me of the character.
Sorry in advance for my shitty and outdated music taste.

Some songs listed are not sung in English, but you can usually find English translations of them online.
Where applicable, I will include a small annotation explaining a song choice or otherwise noting something about the song.
I will not be linking to these songs since I worry about links breaking, so please look them up with the information provided.

Overall Story or Chapter-Specific Songs

The Links as a Group

Individual Links







Red and Vio

Red and Blue

Blue and Vio