Four Swords Magical Girl AU

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I love magical girls, and I love Four Swords. The next logical step, then, is to combine the two.
Magical girl is a gender neutral term, in my opinion, so I will be referring to the Links as magical girls rather than magical boys.
It should go without saying that this is not meant to be a "boys in dresses" joke, as such jokes are transmisogynistic.
The AU is largely inspired by a particular magical girl franchise as well as select aspects of Zelda lore. I sort of mash the two together to create this AU.
I can't draw well, so I don't have any visual art to accompany these ideas, but I invite anyone readig this to use their imagination and visualize what is written here.

The Links and Their Powers

The four main Links' powers are based on the Royal Jewels and their associated elements: Green controls wind, Red controls fire, Blue controls water, and Vio controls earth. Shadow, meanwhile, has his canon-typical dark magic.
The four main Links start out as a team, but Shadow is their enemy for the first half of the story before joining as a "sixth ranger".